World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara

World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara

World Peace Pagoda or Shanti Stupa in Pokhara is a Buddhist Monument which is the first of its kind in Nepal and seventy-first pagoda in the world built by Nipponzan-Myōhōji.

The Stupa or Pagoda built as a symbol of peace is 115 feet tall and has a diameter of 344 feet.

It has two tiers where tourists can circle around and has four statues of the Buddha presented as a souvenirs from different countries: ‘Dharmachakra Mudra’ from Japan, ‘Bodh Gaya’ from Sri Lanka, ‘Kushinagar’ from Thailand and ‘Lumbini’ from Nepal. 

Each statue represents important events related to the Buddha and were named according to where they took place. 

Dharmachakra is placed below the gajur (pinnacle) which signifies the wheel of life, dharma and the teachings of the Buddha. 

The top of the golden gajur holds the crystal stone from Sri Lanka which symbolizes intellect and grace.

Dhamma hall, with the Buddha statue, is located near the peace pagoda where Buddhist rituals take place daily and large pujas are performed on important dates according to the Lunar calendar, such as on full moon day.

Where is World Peace Pagoda Located in Pokhara, Nepal?

World Peace Pagoda or Shanti Stupa in Pokhara is located on top of the Ananda hill (Pumdibhumdi Village Development Committee, Kaski District) at the height of 1100 meters.

How to get to the World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara, Nepal?

To go to World Peace Pagoda, first you need to reach Pokhara city (either on buses or on airplane).

From Pokhara, you can either take the road way (public buses, taxis or private vehicle) or hike via Raniban after crossing the Fewa Lake on a boat.

You can get a public bus to World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa) from Prithivi Chowk and it costs around 100 Nepali Rupees and can take around half an hour.

Also the hike to World Peace Pagoda is short from Pokhara Lakeside. First you need to cross the Fewa lake on a boat which costs around 800 Nepali Rupees and then start a hike which can take you around 1 hour to reach to the top. Entry to the World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara is Free.

What are the things to do at World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara, Nepal?

Some of the major things to do while you’re at World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara are as follows

  1. Enjoy the peaceful environment
  2. Perfect place to meditate away from the city
  3. Enjoy the panoramic views of Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre and Annapurna mountain ranges
  4. Get the best aerial view of Whole Pokhara city and Fewa Lake
  5. Experience the splendid Sunrise and Sunset
  6. Hike to Pumdikot Shiva Statue

Facts of World Peace Pagoda, Pokhara

Some of the major facts of World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa) Pokhara are as follows

Built By Nipponzan-Myōhōji
Laid the First Foundation Stone On 12 September 1973
Inaugurated On 30 October 1999
Height of World Peace Pagoda 115 feet (35m approx.)
Diameter of World Peace Pagoda 344 feet (104.85m approx.)
Altitude of World Peace Pagoda 1,100m
Location Top of Ananda Hill (Previously Pumdi BHumdi Village Development Committee), Kaski District

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