Aandhimul Barahi Temple, Tanahun

Aandhimul Barahi Temple, Tanahun Aandhimul Barahi Temple, Tanahun

Aandhimul is a Hindu temple located at Satrasaya, Aanboo Khaireni, Tanahun which was constructed in 2035 B.S. Later Shivalinga was added in the temple in 2054 B.S.

It is believed that any wishes will be fulfilled after worshiping in this temple.

With this belief, people from all around the country visit this place, either to worship or for a picnic with family and friends.

The temple is built in Pagoda shape. And there are 2 ponds in the temple premise with tons of fishes. And it’s prohibited to catch or kill any fish in that pond.

As an offering, pilgrims leave pigeons (alive) and sacrifice Goats (he goat) and Chickens (Rooster).

And the temple is open for pilgrims to worship throughout the year except on the month of Shrawan and on no moon days (Aunsi).

Also there is a Jatra (grand fair) at Aandhimul Barahi Temple during Haribodhani Ekadasi, a calendar event in the lunar calendar where thousands of pilgrims visit the temple at once.

Where is Aandhimul Barahi Temple Located?

Aandhimul Barahi Temple is located in Satrasaya village of  Aanboo Khaireni Rural Municipality (Ward No. 1) in Tanahun district.

Latitude: 27.931515100279483° 

Longitude: 84.45074027374996°

What are the Myths of Aandhimul Barahi Temple?

Aandhimul Barahi Temple is a Hindu temple and has multiple myths about its formation.

Some of them are as follows

  1. Once upon a time a grandmother with her granddaughter was grazing their cows in this region and the granddaughter felt thirsty. And while searching for water, they found a secret place with water where she quenches her thirst. It is believed that they belonged to the Magar community and in Magar language, Aan means thirst and Di means Water, thus the place got its name Aandimul. (Also Mul means spring water.) Later Aandimul pronounced as Aandhimul.
  2. And another myth is that, Once in ancient times, a Cheli (woman) was going to Mawli (Maternal Parents Home) there was a heavy storm while she was in the middle of the forest. To avoid the storm, she stayed in a cave near the arch tree. Later in her dreams, her relative (ancestor) ordered her to worship under that tree by burning an incense on a full moon day. When the people excavated under that tree they found a source of spring water coming from the ground which made the pond. Since then, local people have been worshiping there as a presence of divine power.

How to Get to Aandhimul Barahi Temple?

To reach Aandhimul Barahi Temple, you will have to reach Satrasaya Phant on Prithivi Highway.

If you’re coming from Kathmandu, Chitwan or Gorkha, you will have to cross AAnboo Khaireni Bazaar and Marshyangdi Hydropower Dam.

After a couple of minutes of crossing the dam, you will reach Satrasaya, from there you need to take a left turn.

And If you’re coming from Pokhara or Dumre, then you need to cross Bimal Nagar and then before reaching the Marshyangdi Hydropower dam or Markichowk bazaar, you need to take a right turn.

From Satrasaya, you can either hike for an hour or take your vehicle off road to reach the temple.

( Click Here for Google Maps Direction )

What are the Things to do at Aandhimul Barahi Temple?

Some of the major things to do at Aandhimul Barahi Temple are as follows

  1. Worship the gods and goddess at Aandhimul Temple.
  2. Feed Pigeons and Fishes.
  3. Enjoy the peaceful environment.
  4. Good place to have a picnic with family and friends.
  5. Hike to Samastipur.
  6. Visit Hilekharka Gurung Village.
  7. Visit Chhimkeshwori Temple (Highest Place in Tanahun).


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