Siddhalek, Dhading

Siddhalek, Dhading Siddhalek, Dhading Siddhalek, Dhading Siddhalek, Dhading

Siddhalek, Dhading is one of the prominent nearby destination for nature and adventure lovers. It offers varieties activities like hiking, sightseeing, cultural experience and exploring the rural local lifestyle.

Siddhalek is named after the temple of Siddha Baba, which has been the center of faith of the residents of this area since ancient times.

Siddha Baba Temple, also known as Siddhasthan is located at an altitude of 1,350m on the top of the hill.

From the top the views of mountain ranges like Ganesh, Manaslu and Langtang is magnificent.

The hiking trail to the temple and the local culture has become new tourist destination for the locals, people from Kathmandu and neighboring districts.

Now the Siddhalek Rural Municipality along with other travel and hospitality business persons have united to promote the region as a touristic destination. And have been introduction new packages like “Hike to Siddhalek” and “Lower Ganesh Himal and Manaslu Circuit Trail Trek”.

Where is Siddhalek Located?

Siddhalek lies in Dhading district of Bagmati Province of Nepal.

And Siddhalek is just 80KM from Kathmandu (capital city).

Latitude: 27.85025553621591

Longitude: 84.81179388650159

How to reach Siddhalek, Dhading?

You can reach Siddhalek from Kathmandu via a scenic 4-5 hour (80KM) drive through the Prithivi highway and Siddhalek road.

You can either take public buses and Jeeps or travel on your own vehicle (Bike/Scooter, Car, etc.)

What are the things to do at Siddhalek?

Here’s the list of things that can be done at Siddhalek

  1. Hiking with the stunning views of Manaslu, Ganesh and Langtang ranges
  2. Experience the local village life
  3. Enjoy the landscape of Siddhalek including picturesque fields and hills
  4. Explore the diverse flora (plants) and fauna (animals) along the trails

If you’re looking for a new weekend destination near Kathmandu, then Siddhalek could the one for you offering majestic mountain views, rich culture, authentic lifestyle and an easy hike.

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