Ghanpokhara, Lamjung

Ghanpokhara, Lamjung Ghanpokhara, Lamjung Ghanpokhara, Lamjung Ghanpokhara, Lamjung

Ghanpokhara is one of the Gurung villages in Lamjung district, Nepal, which is just above Ghale Gaun. The village is known for Gurung Culture and Wild Honey hunting.

From the village you can get a panoramic view of the mountains (Machhapuchhre 6,993m, Annapurna 8,091m and Lamjung Himal  6,983m) and surrounding hills.

The sunrise and sunset view from Ghanpokhara is magical.

Where is Ghanpokhara Located?

Ghanpokhara is a village development committee in Lamjung District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal. It lies 1.6 kilometers (0.99 mi) north of the tourist destination Ghalegaun which can be reached in around 30-40 mins hike.

How to Get to Ghanpokhara?

Ghanpokhara has access to roads. So one can easily reach  the village on a public four wheeler (bolero or sumo) or on private vehicles (motorbikes, scooters and cars), even people visit on buses.

First you need to get to Besisahar via Dumre, Tanahun. Then take a road to Ghalegaun, Ghanpokhara from Besisahar (Buddha Chowk, Purano Bank Chowk).

You can also hike to Ghanpokhara from Besisahar via Baglung Pani and Ghale Gaun.

What are the places to visit near Ghanpokhara?

Some of the major places to visit in Ghanpokhara are as follows

  1. Kanya Temple
  2. Pempro Waterfall
  3. Khudi Hydropower and its barrage
  4. Ghale Gaun
  5. Bhujung Village

Facts of Ghanpokhara Village, Lamjung

Some of the major facts of Ghanpokhara Village are as follows

Altitude 1797m / 5896 feet
Weather Tropical, Subtropical, Temperate & Sub-Alpine
Temperature Maximum: 33.2°c 

Minimum: 1.8°c

Rainfall 2,070.3 mm
Location Longitude: 84°11’22’’ – 84°41’51’’

Latitude: 28°03’10’’- 28°30’36’’

Accommodation Community Homestay, Hotels
Culture Dance- Lakhe, Maruni, Ghatu, Kauda, Sorathi, Salejo, Kheli, Thado Bhaka,
Transportation Roadways (Public and Private Vehicle)

Things to do at Ghanpokhara

Some of the major things to do when you’re at Ghanpokhara are as follows

  1. Experience the authentic traditional rural Gurung Culture as it is (Lakhe, Maruni, Ghatu, Kauda, Sorathi, Salejo, Kheli, Thado Bhaka).
  2. Explore the pastoral life 
  3. Wild Honey Hunting
  4. Continue Trekking and complete “Gurung Heritage Trail Trek

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