Tengboche Monastery (3,867m)

Tengboche Monastery (3,867m) Tengboche Monastery (3,867m) Tengboche Monastery (3,867m) Tengboche Monastery (3,867m) Tengboche Monastery (3,867m) Tengboche Monastery (3,867m) Tengboche Monastery (3,867m) Tengboche Monastery (3,867m) Tengboche Monastery (3,867m)

Tengboche Monastery is the largest and oldest monastery in Khumbu region at an altitude of 3,867m. The monastery is also called Thyangboche or Dawa Choling Gompa and is one of the must visit destinations once in a lifetime.

The spiritual environment and the magnificent natural beauty make it an unforgettable destination for everyone who visits.

From the monastery you can get the panoramic views of mountains, including the well-known peaks of Tawache, Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, and Thamserku.

Tengboche monastery was built by Lama Gulu in 1916.

But the monastery was destroyed by the earthquake in 1934 and soon rebuilt.

Unfortunately again it was destroyed by the fire in 1989.  It was re-established with the help of devoted volunteers from the area with international assistance.

Where is Tengboche Monastery Located?

Tengboche Monastery lies in Khumbu district to the north east of Kathmandu on the Nepal – Tibet border. The historical structure of Tengboche Monastery is located on the ridge above Dudh Koshi river and falls inside the territory of Sagarmatha National Park which is an UNESCO world heritage site.

Latitude: 27.83629226019145

Longitude: 86.76398198319882

How to Get to Tengboche Monastery?

Fly to Lukla and Hike to Tengboche

To reach the Tengboche Monastery one has to hike for 4 days from the nearest airport, Lukla (Tenzing Hillary) airport. Though one can reach within 3 days, it’s recommended to take a one rest day for acclimatization at Namche Bazaar.

It can take around 5-6 hours to walk to reach Tengboche Monastery from Namche Monastery.

The trail first descends till Phunki Thenga (suspension bridge) and then it’s gradually steep to the top of the hill. 

Helicopter Tour to Tengboche

If you have a short period of time or want luxury travel then you can directly visit Tengboche Monastery on Helicopter.

There are Helicopter Tours available especially for Tengboche Monastery.

You can either charter a Helicopter or join a group. 

What are the Things To Do at Tengboche Monastery

Some of the must do things when you are at Tengboche monastery are as follows

  1. Explore the architecture of Tengboche Monastery.
  2. Join the peaceful and spiritual prayer with the monks.
  3. Enjoy the stunning views of mountain ranges.
  4. Taste the fresh bakery and coffee in one of the highest placed cafes.
  5. Hike to the nearest hill top for acclimatization and top view of the monastery with the mountain background.

Mani Rimdu Festival at Tengboche 

Tengboche Monastery is famous for its colorful Sherpa festival called “Mani Rimdu”.

This festival is celebrated on the tenth lunar month as per the Tibetan calendar which falls during the fall of Autumn Season (month of October-November).

The festival is named after the prayer flags, called “Mani” in Tibetan, and the ritual dance called “Rimdu” in Sherpa. 

And the festival’s main highlight is the performance of the “Chham” or the mask dance, which is performed by the monks of the Tengboche Monastery.

Tengboche Monastery, Mani Rimdu Festival Mask Dance
Tengboche Monastery, Mani Rimdu Festival Mask Dance

The festival preparation is divided into 6 steps: 

  1. Construction of the sand mandala, 
  2. The empowerment (Wong), 
  3. The dances (Chham), 
  4. Ser-kyem, 
  5. The fire puja (Jinsak) and 
  6. Chhingpa.

The festival is officially celebrated for three days and ends on the nineteenth day of the month.

It is believed that the dance performed during this festival is religious and not for the regular entertainment purpose.

The Buddhist monk performs a rite to remove the negativity out of the people on the last day. Mani Rimdu festival is also celebrated at Chiwang and Thame monasteries.

Dumje Festival at Tengboche Monastery

Dumje Festival is another major event celebrated at Tengboche Monastery during the month of July by the Sherpa community.

The festival is dedicated to Mt. Khumbila, the deity of the Sherpa people, who is believed to protect and bless the region.

During the ceremony, monks perform various prayers followed by the playing of musical instruments like dungchen (long horns) and cymbals to honor Khumbila and seek his blessings. And devotees light thousands of butter lamps in the monastery which is believed to bring good luck, health, and prosperity to the people and the region.

Tengboche Monastery Facts

Tengboche Monastery
Founded By
Lama Gulu
Religious Affiliation
Tibetan Buddhism
Tengboche, Khumbu
3,867 metres (12,687 ft)
Tibetan Style
Major Festival
Mani Rimdu Festival

Map of Tengboche Monastery

Tengboche Monastery Map with Hiking Trail from Namche Bazaar
Tengboche Monastery Map with Hiking Trail from Namche Bazaar

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