Khumjung Village (3,780m)

Khumjung Village (3,780m) Khumjung Village (3,780m) Khumjung Village (3,780m) Khumjung Village (3,780m) Khumjung Village (3,780m) Khumjung Village (3,780m)

Khumjung is the largest Sherpa village in Khumbu region at an altitude of 3,790m above sea level. The Khumjung village lies on a flat land between the low ride of Namche and holy mountain Khumbila (5,765m, God of Khumbu).

Khumjung is also known as the “Valley inside the clouds” as it resides on the foot of Mt. Khumbila (Khumbu Yül-Lha).

Khumjung is a beautiful rural village mostly inhabited by the Sherpas. Apart from trekking, climbing and running hotels, Local people mostly spend their time working in the fields. They mostly harvest potatoes in October.

Khumjung is the perfect place to experience the regular life of Sherpa people up in the rural mountains.

The village is surrounded by the beautiful forest of Fir and Rhododendron (Nepal’s National Flower). It is also one of the few places where you can enjoy Yellow Rhododendron.

Though the village lies in a remote place, there are facilities of internet, mobile phones,and the landlines for communication.

Where is Khumjung Village Located?

Khumjung Village lies in the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality (Everest Region) of Solukhumbu district, Province no.1 of north-eastern Nepal.

The village also lies within Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The village is the seat of ward no. 4, which include Kunde, Khumjung, Tengboche, Pangboche, Pheriche, Dole, Chharchung, Machhermo, Lobuche, Dingboche, and Gokyo.

Khumjung Village is around 137 KM (85 miles) away from the capital city, Kathmandu.

Latitude: 27.82407773800513, 

Longitude: 86.71614673722021

How to Get to Khumjung Village?

Here’re a few ways to get to Khumjung Village.

Charter a Helicopter

You can directly reach Khumjung village by booking (chartering) a private helicopter from Kathmandu. There are various helicopter companies that provide such services.

It takes around 54 minutes to reach Khumjung village from Kathmandu by helicopter.

And the cost of flying to Khumjung also depends upon the helicopter charter flights and group joining flights. In comparison chartering a helicopter is a bit more expensive but you will also have better privacy flying with your team.

Fly to Lukla, Then Hike to Khumjung

Also you can fly to Lukla (Tenzing Hilary) airport on small planes from Kathmandu or Manthali (Ramechhap) airport which is around 25 mins flight. And then hike to Khumjung Village. From Lukla, you can reach the Khumjung village in around 2-3 days.

By road via Salleri and Bupsa, Then Hike to Khumjung

You also have an option to go on a road way. You can get a 4 wheeler (shared and privately available) from Kathmandu to Salleri (Phaplu). Then again take another vehicle which can take you to Bupsa village. From there, you can reach Khumjung village in a 2-3 days hike via Namche Bazaar.

What are the Places to Visit at Khumjung Village?

Some of the places to visit at Khumjung Village are as follows

Khumjung Monastery

Khumjung Monastery was built 400 years ago and is a historical monument with mt. Khumbila on its background. The monastery is the center of Sherpa Culture and Tradition, and exploring the monastery provides a serene and spiritual experience, allowing visitors to witness the Sherpa community’s deep-rooted faith and devotion.

The monastery was destroyed by an earthquake of 2015, but the community gathered together collected donations and also contributed their labor for 2 weeks and the sherpas finally reopened the monastery in August 2017.

Yeti Scalp

Yeti Scalp is another thing you should not miss at Khumjung. The 300 year old skull is placed at Khumjung Monastery. And to get a look at the scalp you need to donate some Nepali rupees to the monastery and the monk will show it to you. But it is not recommended to touch it.

Everest Judo Club

Everest Judo Club was opened in 2022 by an Austrian Judoka, Sabrina Filzomoser to support children in the Himalayan region, including many orphans or disabled children, so that they receive appropriate education and medical care and the ethics and values ​​of judo sport as a method of upbringing and education.

The Judo Club at an altitude of 3,790m is really a praise worthy task and a must visit place when you are at Khumjung Village.

Khumjung School

Khumjung School is a historical school which was built in 1961 by Edmund Hillary’s trust “The Himalayan Trust”, with an agreement with the Nepal Government. And the school is called “The Hillary School” named after Sir Edmund Hillary.

When the school was established, it had only one classroom but now it offers education up to 10th grade.

Hundreds of students from nearby villages attend the school with hostel facilities for remote area students.

Visiting the school offers a chance to witness the educational efforts in the region and the impact of Sir Hillary’s philanthropic contributions.

Khunde Hospital

Khunde Hospital is another notable contribution of Sir Edmund Hillary’s trust “The Himalayan Trust” which was built in 1966.

The hospital serves the local Sherpa community as well as trekkers in need of medical assistance.

Until 2002, Edmund Hillary used to recruit volunteers and doctors from New Zealand and Canada to serve in the hospital but now, the hospital is facilitated by the Nepalese medical professionals.

What are the Things to Do at Khumjung Village?

Some of the major things to do at Khumjung Village are as follows

  1. Experience the authentic Sherpa lifestyle
  2. Enjoy the natural richness. Khumjung is one of the few places where you can find Yellow Rhododendron.
  3. You can get a chance to see the varieties of wildlife like Himalayan monal, blood pheasants, lammergeiers and golden eagle
  4. Hike to Khunde Peak
  5. Visit Hotel Everest View (Highest Placed Hotel)
  6. Trek to Everest Base Camp
  7. Trek to Gokyo

What is the Best Time to Visit Khumjung Village?

The best time to visit Khumjung Village is during Spring (March-May) and Autumn/Fall (September – November).

Though the views are clear during December to February, the freezing temperature makes it less favorable to travel. Also there are high chances of snowfall during late autumn, and winter.

Map of Khumjung Village

Map with Hiking Route from Namche Bazaar

Khumjung Village Map with Hiking Trail from Namche Bazaar
Khumjung Village Map with Hiking Trail from Namche Bazaar

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