Himalayan Sherpa Homestay, Garikhasa, Ratnange, Phaplu

Himalayan Sherpa Homestay, Garikhasa, Ratnange, Phaplu Himalayan Sherpa Homestay, Garikhasa, Ratnange, Phaplu Himalayan Sherpa Homestay, Garikhasa, Ratnange, Phaplu Himalayan Sherpa Homestay, Garikhasa, Ratnange, Phaplu
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Himalayan Sherpa Homestay is located in the serene foothills of Ratnange and just 5 KM from Phaplu Airport, Solukhumbu where you can experience the authentic rural sherpa lifestyle.

The village less influenced by the modern lifestyles resembles to the poster image of Switzerland.

You will find people wearing the traditional dresses, eating traditional foods and following unique traditional sherpa culture.

The homestay offers all the basic necessities like toilet, shower, electricity, internet, healthy foods, etc. in a homely environment.

To reach the homestay, you can either walk around 45 Mins from Phaplu Airport or Reserve a Tempo (auto) which can cost around Rs 1,000 or contact homestay for any available means of transport.

Reasons to visit Garikhasa, Ratnange

  1. Sherpa Village Hiking or Jeep Tour
  2. Ratnange Hill Hiking
  3. Enduro Mountain Biking on any of 13 Trails
  4. Explore Sherpa Culture and Local Lifestyle
  5. Visit Local Monasteries (Chhewang Gumba, Mera Gumba, etc.)
  6. Sunrise Breakfast at Ratnange Top.
  7. Sunset and Camping on Ratnange Top (Only on Favorable weather conditions, Rs 10,000 per person).

Food and Drinks Menu at Himalayan Sherpa Homestay, Garikhasa

Special Sherpa Food Menu

Items Veg Chicken Buff Pork Mixed

(Sherpa Stew)

300 400 400 400 500
Falgi 300 400 400 400 500
Dhido 200 350 350 350 450

Special Sherpa Drinks Menu

Items Menu

(Chhyang Mixed with Raw Egg)

Plain Chhyang  150
Mixed Chhyang 300
Local Raksi (Per Bottle) 150
Kiwi Wine (Per Bottle) 1000

Breakfast Menu

Items Price
Pancake with Jam/Honey 300
Toast with Omelette 300
Tibetan Bread with Jam/Honey 300
Plain Tibetan Bread 200
Chapati with Jam/Honey 200
Chapati with Omelette 300
Plain Chapati 200

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Items Price
Dal Bhat with Veg Curry 200
Dal Bhat with Omelette 250
Dal Bhat with Chicken Curry 350
Dal Bhat with Buff Curry 350
Dal Bhat with Egg Curry 350
Veg Fried Rice 300
Mixed Fried Rice 400

Snacks Menu

Items Price
Buff Sukuti 250
Chicken Chilli 300
Buff Chilli 300
Noodle Sadeko 200
Popcorn 100

Thukpa Menu

Items Price
Veg Thukpa 200
Egg Thukpa 250
Buff Thukpa 300

Egg Menu

Items Price
Boiled Egg (2 Pieces) 100
Plain Omelette (2 Pieces) 100
Veg Omelette (2 Pieces) 150
Cheese Omelette (2 Pieces) 200

Hot Drinks Menu

Items Per Cup Small Pot Med. Pot Big Pot
Black Tea 30 150 250 350
Milk Tea 50 300 500 700
Milk Coffee 100 200 300 500
Black Coffee 50 150 250 400
Hot Tea 100 200 300 500
Su Chiya

(Salt Tea)

50 150 300 500

Soft Drinks and Alcoholic Drinks Menu

Items Menu
Red Bull 150
San Miguel Beer 350
Tuborg Beer 400

Contact Details of Himalayan Sherpa Homestay, Garikhasa, Ratnange, Solukhumbu

☎️ Contacts: +977-9842164918, +977-9745568378

📍Address: Garikhasa, Ratnange, Solukhumbu

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