Aama Integrated Farmstay, Chitlang

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Aama Integrated Farmstay located at Chitlang Village of Makwanpur district offers an authentic and traditional Nepali rural farm life experience.

The Chitlang village itself is old which is believed to have been formed during the Lichhavi era (400 to 750 CE approx).

And the Farmstay is a renovated old traditional house that is perfect for groups looking for a unique and unforgettable getaway near Kathmandu. 

Here, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn about traditional farming practices.

Specializing in group accommodations, Aama Integrated Farmstay offers a farmhouse experience for families, friends, or corporate retreats in a peaceful and serene environment, where you can relax and rejuvenate amidst the natural beauty of the countryside.

Best Things of Aama Integrated Farmstay, Chitlang

Some of the best things of Aama Integrated Farmstay, Chitlang are as follows

  1. 🥝 They have their own Kiwi Farm and 🍓Strawberry Farm.
  2. 🍱 All meals are made by the family
  3. 🥗Relish the delicious flavors of farm-fresh ingredients
  4. 🕊️ Stay in a peaceful environment surrounded by the villages and local farms
  5. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 And Live with the Local family

Things To Do at Aama Integrated Farmstay, Chitlang

Here’s the list of things/activities to do at/around Aama Integrated Farmstay, Chitlang 

  1. Get involved in farm activities like picking strawberries, gardening, harvesting corn, petting goats, chickens, cats, etc.
  2. Visit villages and participate in cultural/daily activities to connect with the locals and understand the authentic rural local lifestyle in Nepal.
  3. Explore the old Newari houses, art and architecture, stupa and chaitya.
  4. Go to Bheda Farm, Nepal’s first sheep/goat breeding farm which has a green pasture attracting lots of domestic and international tourists. The farm produces commercial farm products like meat, cheese and wool.
  5. Visit Markhu, enjoy boating at Indra Sarovar Lake (Kulekhani Dam) and Mohini Jharana (Waterfall).
  6. Hike to Chandragiri Temple and enjoy the Mountain Views and the view of the whole Kathmandu valley from the top.

Price and Packages at Aama Integrated Farmstay, Chitlang

Lunch Only Package

Rs 500 for a non veg meal (Dal-Bhat platter with chicken curry), vegetarian option is also available.

Rice Platter Includes – Dal (Lentil), Bhat (Rice), Seasonal Vegetable Curry, Pickles, Crackers (Papad or Prawn) & Green Salad (Chicken Curry for Non-Veg).

Night Stay Package

Rs1,500 per person for a night stay (includes non-veg dinner, snacks and breakfast).

You can also buy local chicken 🐓 to cook (you need to buy whole chicken).

They also provide BBQ (Barbeque) service on extra pay.

How to Get to Aama Integrated Farmstay, Chitlang

There are two ways to reach Aama Integrated Farmstay, Chitlang.

Via Dakshinkali, Kulekhani, Markhu and Chitlang (More Reliable)

You can either get a public bus from Sundhara/Balkhu or take a private vehicle via Balku towards Dakshinkali. Till Dakshinkali the road is black topped (Tarmac road) but from there the road towards Kulekhani/Hetauda is dusty/muddy due to road expansion work.

Since it’s a highway connecting Kathmandu and Hetauda, it has very less chance of getting complete blockage.

Via Thankot, Chandragiri and Chitlang (Short But Unreliable)

Similarly, you can get a public vehicle from Chandragiri or take a private vehicle via Chandragiri Cable Car Road towards Chitlang. The road till Thankot (Chandragiri Cable Station) is black topped (tarmac road). But from there the road is completely dusty/muddy. And since it’s just a rural village road and continuous maintenance work, it gets blocked quite frequently. 

If you’re taking this route please get the proper information from the locals around Chandragiri or Chitlang.

Contact Details of Aama Integrated Farmstay, Chitlang

☎️ Contacts: +977-9742558125, +977-9803348266

💌Email: [email protected]

📍Address: Chitlang, Makwanpur

🗺Google Map: Click Here

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