Though Kathmandu is a valley at an altitude of 1,200m above sea level, it is surrounded by hills above 2,500m. So in winter when it rains, the peak of these hills are covered in white snow. And the locals love to play in the snow and rush to the peaks as soon as possible before all the snow melts.

Here are the best places to enjoy snowfall near Kathmandu.

1. Snowfall in Phulchowki

Phulchowki is the highest hill near Kathmandu at an altitude of 2,750m above sea level which is cool even in summer.

And the top of the Phulchoki hill has a hindu temple of goddess Phulchowki and is guarded by the Nepalese Army.

Phulchowki is around 14 km south east of Kathmandu and lies in Lalitpur district.

Snowfall at Phulchowki
Snowfall at Phulchowki, Kathmandu

How to get to Phulchowki?

To reach the top of Phulchowki, you can either book a private vehicle or go on your own (if you have one) or take a public bus (micro) from Lagankhel. You will have to reach Godawari Botanical garden which is the base of Phulchowki hill.

Then you can start the hike which can take you around 4 hours to reach the top.

On the trail you will get a wide variety of plants and animals.

Mostly there’s a snowfall in Phulchowki in late winter and many people from kathmandu and surrounding areas rush to the peak. It is also one of the best times to view the snow capped mountains walking through the snowy trail.

2. Snowfall in Shivapuri Peak

Snowfall on Shivapuri Hiking Trail, Kahtmandu
Snowfall on Shivapuri Hiking Trail, Kahtmandu

Shivapuri is another highest hill at an altitude of 2,732m (8,963 feet) above sea level and has as much possibility of snowing as Phulchowki.

To reach the Shivapuri peak, first you will need to get to Budhanilkantha Nagarjun Shivapuri National park gate. 

You can either get a private vehicle or book a taxi and get there or you can take a public bus to Budhanilkantha Narayanthan and then hike to the National Park gate.

Or take a public bus to Chakrapath, Narayan Gopal chowk then take another bus to Budhanilkantha and reach the National park gate.

Then purchase the permit (ticket), register your route and hike to the Peak which can take you a whole day to reach the peak and come down.

From the top you can get the breathtaking panoramic views of Kathmandu valley.

Also the view of snow capped mountain ranges in the distance is jaw dropping. And it is recommended to visit Shivapuri during autumn (September-November) and winter (December-February) to encounter snowfall and an excellent view of the mountains.

3. Snowfall in Chandragiri Hills

Chandragiri is the highest hill near Kathmandu (7 KM from Thankot) at an altitude of 2,551m above sea level. It is one of the most popular hill stations near Kathmandu because of its ease of accessibility.

Chandragiri often gets snowfall whenever it rains in winter. And it’s recommended to visit Chandragiri during this time though it’s crowded.

Chandragiri Temple While Snowing, Kathmandu
Chandragiri Temple While Snowing, Kathmandu

There are multiple ways to get to the top of Chandragiri

  1. On a Cable Car

This is the easiest way to reach the top of Cable Car but it will be packed with people when it snows at the top. 

You can get to the Cable Car station on a private vehicle or taxi or public bus, then buy the ticket to reach the top though you may have to stay in the queue for a while.

The ticket price for Chandragiri Cable Car costs around Rs 799 two-way for Nepalese, 1280 for SAARC countries Adult, 760 for SAARC countries Child, 960 for SAARC countries Students and Seniors, USD 15 (two-way) for Chinese, and USD 22 for others.

  1. By Road 

The road is rural off road. So it will be bumpy but you can reach near the temple and hike for half an hour to reach the temple.

You can either take a private vehicle (bike, jeep, etc.) or get on a bus that goes to Chitlang from Godam.

  1. Hiking

If you’re a nature lover who loves walking through the forest, then this option is best for you though it takes longer than cable car or road. You will get to enjoy the longer.

There are multiple hiking trails to reach Chandragiri, from Machhegaun to Chaap Dada to Chandragiri or directly from Godam to Chandragiri.

4. Snowfall in Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a popular hill station near Kathmandu at an altitude of 2,195m above sea level.

From the top, widest range Of Himalayas including five of the world’s ten tallest mountains can be seen with bare eyes from here: Mount Everest (8848 meters), Lhotse (8516 meters), Cho Oyu (8201 meters), Makalu (8463 meters) and Manaslu (8163 meters).

Nagarkot is 32 km east of Kathmandu and lies in Bhaktapur district. It is one of the most facilitated places among others on this list because it can be easily accessed by different means of transportation.

Snowfall at Nagarkot
Snowfall at Nagarkot

If you have the budget you can even charter a helicopter.

Else you can either take a private vehicle or take a public bus from Jagati, Bhaktapur to reach Nagarkot.

You can also hike from Chisapani to the top of Nagarkot enjoying nature along the way.

In Nagarkot you can witness occasional snowfall during heavy rainfall in the Autumn and Winter season.

And the mountain view from Nagarkot is majestic. You can get the view of some of the high peaks like Gaurishankar, Langtang and Dorje Lakpa, Mount Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu, and Manaslu.

Also from the Nagarkot view tower, you can get the best sunrise and sunset view, and the whole view of the Kathmandu valley.

5. Snowfall in Kakani

Kakani is another travel destination near Kathmandu at an altitude of 2,070m and gets snowfall in winter occasionally. Kakani encounters snowfall mainly from December to February.

During snowfall in winter at Kakani, you can see Mount Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Dorje Lekpa, Ganesh Himal, Gauri Shankar, and Shishapangma.

Kakani During Snowfall
Kakani During Snowfall

Kakani is 28 km northwest of Kathmandu valley which lies in Nuwakot district. It is another goto destination like Nagarkot.

You can get there either on a private vehicle or on Public bus from Machhapokhari, Kathmandu via Mudhkhu and Tinpiple.

Alternatively you can drive to Budhanilkantha and hike up to Kakani via Shivapuri National Park.

6. Snowfall in Daman

Snowfall at Daman
Snowfall at Daman

Daman at an altitude of 2,322m is another travel destination near Kathmandu to enjoy snowfall.

Daman is located around 80 km southwest of Kathmandu valley and is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Thaha Municipality, Makwanpur District in Bagmati Province, central Nepal.

Roughly 400 km of Himalayan panorama can be seen from Daman.

During the months from December to February, snow lovers can come to this village to enjoy the snowfall. The snowfall in Daman is the best experience for which this village is renowned. Hundreds of people visit Daman village for snowfall activity to play with the snow in the village ambience of Nepal.

7. Snowfall in Kalinchowk

Kalinchwok at an altitude of 3,842m (12,705ft) is one of the most popular destinations in winter near Kathmandu to enjoy the snowfall.

Kalinchowk is around 150 km from Kathmandu valley and lies in Dolakha district. It is mainly known for hindu shrine of Kalinchowk Bhagwati goddess. To reach the Kalinchowk temple, there is a facility of a cable car ride or you can walk too.

But nowadays many people visit during winter to enjoy the snowfall and skiing. The place somewhat resembles Switzerland and is often called the Switzerland of Nepal.

In the winter season, especially in the months of December, January, and February, the snowfall occurs. Many people visit there during the wintertime to have some snow fun. The snowy visit and some friends along to play with create an amazing memory and quick relief from the monotony.

Kalinchowk Kuri Village While Snowing
Kalinchowk, Kuri Village While Snowing

If you want to visit Kalinchowk Nepal, you will have two options for transportation. You can take a public vehicle or go with a private one.

A local public bus from Kathmandu will take you to the Charikot, the district headquarter of Dolakha. From Charikot, you have to hire a local 4WD Jeep (6-8 Persons) that will take you to the Kuri Village via the Maakebari route. It takes around two hours (17 KM) to reach Kuri village. From Kuri village to the hilltop you can take a cable car ride or go on a hike. During return time you can go with any available options.

Alternatively, you can choose a private drive from Kathmandu to Kalinchowk. You can hire a 4WD vehicle from any transport service provider in Kathmandu. It will be easier and more comfortable than a public vehicle.

8. Snowfall in Bethanchowk

Bethanchowk is one of the rural destinations near Kathmandu at an altitude above 3,000m from sea level.

Bethanchowk hill is around 45 km south of Kathmandu and lies in Kavrepalanchowk district of Bagmati province which is believed to be the highest hill of the Mahabharat range.

You can get to Bethanchowk via Bhaktapur, Panauti, Dhun Kharka and then hike to the top of the hill in around 3-5 hrs.

Best Snowfall Places to Visit in Kathmandu (Altitude, Distance, Ease of Access and Duration)

Places (Locations)AltitudeDistance from KathmanduEase of AccessNo. of Days (Duration)
Phulchowki2,750m14 KMRoad Access to The Top or Hike from Godawari1 Day
Shivapuri Peak2,732m (8,963 feet)Private or Public Vehicle via Budhanilkantha, then Hike for around 3-4 hrs. To reach the top1 Day
Chandragiri2,551m7 KM from ThankotPrivate or Public Vehicle, Or Chandragiri Cable CarOr Hike from Godam or Machhegaun.1 Day
Nagarkot2,195m32 KMPrivate or Public Vehicle1 Day
Kakani2,070m28 KM from KathmanduPrivate or Public Vehicle1 Day
Daman2,322m80 KM from KathmanduPublic and Private Vehicle1 Night 2 Days
Kalinchowk3,842m (12,705ft)150 KM from Kathmandu ValleyPublic and Private Vehicle1 Night 2 Days
Bethanchowk3,000m45 KM from KathmanduRoad way to Dhunkharka, Then Hike for around 3 hrs.1 Night 2 Days
Best Snowfall Places Near Kathmandu with Altitude, Distance, Ease of Access and Duration

Once in a year it is a great way to bond and make memories with your family and friends.

So, select the feasible location (place) and enjoy!

Also share in comment if you know any better places near Kathmandu.


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